Steps to Enroll

Mon, 09/25/2017 - 15:54 -- emerald.becker
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Upcoming School Year 2023-24 Enrollment Guidance

DCPS is excited to open enrollment on Friday, March 31, 2023 to our families and welcome new students to our community! We are proud to serve over 50,000 students and thrilled to launch School Year 2023-2024 (SY23-24) enrollment with your family.

Complete SY23-24 Enrollment for Your Child

Please complete SY23-24 enrollment by following three steps: 

  1. Complete the DCPS enrollment packet.
  2. Provide proof of DC residency.
  3. Submit your completed enrollment packet to your DCPS school.

Additional Support

Looking Ahead to SY24-25

DCPS is thrilled to launch a new online enrollment platform! Below are frequently asked questions related to online enrollment:

  1. When will DCPS launch the online enrollment platform? DCPS will launch the online enrollment platform in spring 2024, for the start of the SY24-25 enrollment season. The platform will be available to all families including re-enrolling families and families new to DCPS.
  2. What is online enrollment? Online enrollment is a platform that collects required enrollment information from families and compiles responses in a centralized database. The platform will safely, securely, and directly transfer data.
  3. How is an online enrollment platform different from the electronic SeamlessDocs platform?
    • Electronic SeamlessDocs Platform: although the parent/guardian completed the enrollment packet via computer or mobile device (similar to a fillable PDF), the data still needs to be manually entered into the Aspen student information system.
    • Online Enrollment Platform: when a parent/guardian completes the enrollment packet via computer or mobile device, the data populates directly into the Aspen student information system after school review is complete.
  4. Will a paper enrollment option still be available? Yes. A paper enrollment option will still be available. The SeamlessDocs electronic enrollment option will be retired completely.
  5. What languages will online enrollment be available in? Online enrollment will be fully translated and available for families to complete in Amharic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  6. Will online enrollment be available on mobile devices? Yes.
  7. What are some benefits of transitioning to an online enrollment platform? Online enrollment will:
    • Dramatically reduce the amount of time families spend completing enrollment.
    • Provide families with the opportunity to easily submit documentation online.
    • Allow families to complete enrollment anywhere, on any electronic device.
    • Make the enrollment process easier for school enrollment points of contact by eliminating the need to manually enter enrollment data into the student database.
    • Increase enrollment data quality and automation.
    • Align with OSSE residency verification and signature requirements.

If you have additional questions related to DCPS online enrollment, please email [email protected].