Enrollment Saturday

Thu, 03/28/2019 - 12:06 -- emerald.becker

About Enrollment Saturday
Enrollment Saturday provides an opportunity for families to complete enrollment outside of regular school hours. 2023 Enrollment Saturday is Saturday, April 29. Below is information about participating schools, hours of availability, and locations. Please contact your enrolling school for specific details and RSVP for 2023 DCPS Enrollment Saturday beginning Monday, April 10, 2023. Additionally, the DCPS Enrollment Team will be available at Central Office to collect enrollment paperwork (1200 First Street NE). 


School Name Start Time - End Time        Location Address
Amidon Bowen ES 9am-12pm 401 I St SW
Anacostia HS 9am-12pm 1601 16th St SE
Ballou HS 9am-12pm 3401 4th St SE
Bancroft ES 9am-12pm 1755 Newton St NW
Bard High School  9am-12pm 1351 Alabama Ave SE
Barnard ES 9am-12pm 430 Decatur St NW
Beers ES 9am-12pm 3600 Alabama Ave SE
Benjamin Banneker HS 9am-12pm 1600 9th St NW
Boone ES 9am-12pm 2200 Minnesota Ave SE
Brightwood ES 9am-12pm 1300 Nicholson St NW
Brookland MS 9am-12pm 1150 Michigan Ave NE
Browne EC 9am-12pm 850 26th St NE
Bruce-Monroe ES 9am-12pm 3560 Warder St NW
Bunker Hill ES 9am-12pm 1401 Michigan Ave NE
Burroughs ES 9am-1pm 1820 Monroe St NE
Burrville ES 9am-12pm 801 Division Ave NE
C.W. Harris ES 9am-12pm 301 53rd St SE
Capitol Hill Montessori  9am-2pm 215 G St NE
Cardozo EC 9am-12pm 1200 Clifton St NW
Cleveland ES 9am-12pm 1825 8th St NW
Columbia Heights EC 9am-12pm 3101 16th St NW
Coolidge HS 9am-2pm 6315 5th St NW
Deal MS 9am-12pm 3815 Fort Dr NW
Dorothy Height ES 9am-12pm 4300 13th St NW
Drew ES 9am-12pm 5600 Eads St NE
Dunbar HS 9am-12pm 101 N St NW
Eastern HS 9am-12pm 1700 East Capitol St NE
Eaton ES 9am-12pm 3301 Lowell St NW
Eliot-Hine MS 9am-12pm Miner ES: 601 15th St NE
Excel Academy 9am-12pm 2501 Martin Luther King, Jr Ave SE
Garfield ES 9am-12pm Ballou HS: 3401 4th St SE
Garrison ES 9am-12pm 1200 S St NW
H.D. Cooke ES 9am-12pm 2525 17th St NW
H.D. Woodson HS 9am-1pm 540 55th St NE
Hardy MS 8am-2pm 1819 35th St NW
Hart MS 9am-12pm Ballou HS: 3401 4th St SE
Hendley ES 9am-12pm Ballou HS: 3401 4th St SE
Houston ES 9am-12pm 1100 50th Pl NE
Hyde-Addison ES 9am-12pm 3219 O St NW
Ida B. Wells MS 9am-12pm 1150 5th St SE
J.O. Wilson ES 9am-12pm 660 K St NE
Jackson-Reed HS 9am-1pm 3950 Chesapeake St NW
Janney ES 9am-12pm 4130 Albemarle St NW
Jefferson MS  9am-12pm 801 7th St SW
John Lewis ES 9am-12pm 1335 Farragut St NW
Johnson MS 9am-12pm 1400 Bruce Pl SE
Kelly Miller MS 9am-12pm 301 49th St NE
Ketcham ES 9am-1pm 1919 15th St SE
Key ES 9am-12pm 5001 Dana Pl NW
Kimball ES 9am-12pm 3375 Minnesota Ave SE
King ES 9am-12pm 3200 6th St SE
Kramer MS 9am-12pm 1700 Q St SE
Lafayette ES 9am-12pm 5701 Broad Branch Rd NW
Langdon ES 9am-12pm 1900 Evarts St NE
Langley ES 9am-12pm 101 T Street NE
LaSalle-Backus ES 9am-1pm 501 Riggs Rd NE
Lorraine Whitlock ES  9am-12pm 1300 44th St NE
Ludlow-Taylor ES 9am-12pm 659 G St NE
Luke C. Moore  9am-12pm 1001 Monroe St NE
MacArthur HS 9am-2pm Black Coffee: 4885 MacArthur Blvd NW
MacFarland MS 9am-12pm 4400 Iowa Ave NW
Malcolm X ES @ Green 9am-12pm 1500 Mississippi Ave SE
Mann ES 9am-12pm 4430 Newark St NW
Marie Reed ES 9am-12pm 2201 18th St NW
Maury ES 9am-12pm 1250 Constitution Ave NE
McKinley MS 9am-12pm 151 T St NE
McKinley Tech HS 9am-12pm 151 T St NE
Military Road ELC 9am-12pm 1375 Missouri Ave NW
Miner ES 9am-12pm 601 15th St NE
Moten ES 9am-12pm 1565 Morris Rd SE
Nalle ES 9am-12pm 219 50th St SE
Noyes ES 9am-12pm 2725 10th St NE
Patterson ES 9am-12pm 4399 South Capitol Terr SW
Payne ES 9am-12pm 1445 C St SE
Peabody ES 9am-12pm Watkins ES: 420 12th St SE
Phelps HS 9am-1pm 704 26th St NE
Plummer ES 9am-12pm 4601 Texas Ave SE
Powell ES 9am-12pm 1350 Upshur St NW
Randle Highlands ES 9am-2pm 1650 30th St SE
Raymond ES 9am-1pm 2501 11th St NW
River Terrace EC 9am-12pm 405 Anacostia Ave NE
Ron Brown College Prep HS 9am-12pm 4800 Meade St NE
Roosevelt HS 9am-12pm 4301 13th St NW
Roosevelt STAY 9am-12pm 2001 10th St NW
Ross ES 9am-12pm 1730 R St NW
Savoy ES 9am-12pm 2400 Shannon Pl SE
School Without Walls @ Francis-Stevens 9am-12pm 800 Euclid St NW
School Without Walls HS 9am-12pm 2130 G St NW
School-Within-School 9am-12pm 920 F St NE
Seaton ES 9am-12pm 1503 10th St NW
Shepherd ES 9am-1pm 7800 14th St NW
Simon ES 9am-12pm 401 Mississippi Ave SE
Smothers ES 9am-12pm 4400 Brooks St NE
Sousa MS 9am-12pm 3650 Ely Pl SE
Stanton ES 9am-12pm 2701 Naylor Rd SE
Stevens ELC 9am-12pm 1050 21st St NW
Stuart-Hobson MS 9am-12pm 410 E St NE
Takoma ES 9am-2pm 7010 Piney Branch Rd NW
Thomas ES 9am-12pm 650 Anacostia Ave NE
Thomson ES 9am-12pm 1200 L St NW
Tubman ES 9am-12pm 3101 13th St NW
Turner ES 9am-12pm 3264 Stanton Rd SE
Tyler ES 9am-12pm 1001 G St SE
Van Ness ES 9am-12pm 1150 5th St SE
Walker-Jones EC 9am-12pm 1125 New Jersey Ave NW
Watkins ES  9am-12pm 420 12th St SE
Wheatley EC 9am-12pm 1299 Neal St NE
Whittier ES 9am-12pm 6200 5th St NW
Central Office 9am-12pm 1200 First St NE