Lottery Results

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About 2023-2024 Lottery Results

For School Year 2023-2024, 16,448 unique applicants submitted 49,148 applications to enroll in DC Public Schools. This is nearly 500 more unique applicants than last year, a 3% increase.

Students and families submitted applications to (1) apply to Pre-Kindergarten (PK3 or PK4) as a new student or (2) apply to grades Kindergarten to 12th grade in a citywide, selective, or out-of-boundary school. No application is needed to attend an in-boundary school in grades K to 12, to re-enroll in a current school, or to enroll in the next school in your feeder pattern.

Lottery results, across DCPS and for individual schools, are available by school and grade below.

Summary Results

  • 16,448 individual students submitted 49,148 applications to DCPS schools.
  • 7,168 students were matched.
  • The grades with the highest number of applicants were PK3 and PK4 - which are not compulsory - and 9th grade, where DCPS offers several selective and citywide options. 3,780 individual students applied to PK3, 2,134 applied to PK4, and 3,324 applied to grade 9.
  • School Year 2023-2024 lottery data for DCPS is current as of May 9, 2023. For the most current information on individual school waitlist lengths, please contact schools directly.

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